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Let's Talk Extensions

Let's get this digital consultation started!
This is the first step in the extension process. Please complete the form, and I will be in touch within 24-48 hours with booking details.

Do you currently have extensions?
Do you want to add volume, lenth or both?
What describes your natural hair? Check all that apply.
Have you worn extensions before? Check all that apply.
Are you currently taking any Medications that are known to cause hair loss?
Will you be having any Medical Procedures, Ex. MRI or Surgreies?

Thanks for submitting!

New Client

  • Once you complete your online consultation form I will be in touch with you via text message within 24-48 hours to take the next step of booking an in person consultation. In person is necessary for us to choose the color and length that will have you feeling and looking your best!
  • Scheduling your install appointment will depend on several factors. Together we will determine if the current color you have is what you ultimately desire or if we need to make some changes. If change is necessary we need to get your color set before we decide on extension color. 
  • Generally an appointment can be scheduled for install within 2-4 weeks of your consultation.
  • Consultation fee is $50 and must be paid in advance and is non-refundable. This will be used towards your install or hair purchase once you decide to schedule your appointment.

The Install Appointment

  • Please come in with clean freshly blown out hair. (Unless I have directed you otherwise)
  • Expect your first appointment to take about 3-4 hours minimum. We will be mapping out the placement of your rows and this takes time. Each person has a unique head shape and hair density so this placement will be specific to you!
  • If you need any color services performed at this appointment additional time will be needed. This will be determined at the consultation.
  • Once your extensions have been installed we will cut and blend so your natural hair and your extensions blend seamlessly. 
  • We will finish with a smooth blowout or curls, whichever you prefer!

Maintenance Appointments

  • Plan on coming in every 6-9 weeks. Your first scheduled move up will be 6 weeks. At that appointment we can determine how long your hair can go between move ups.
  • Always come in with clean dried hair unless you are directed by me to have 2-3 day dirty hair.

Longterm Expecations

  • New hair is generally purchased every 9-12 months. This is heavily determined by how you care for your hair outside of the salon. I require all of my extension clients to use the Davines Oi line for their home hair care. I have used several lines and this one by far keeps the hair silky smooth and protected. I cant guarantee your investment if you dont follow my at home protocol.
  • Following all the rules of caring for your beautiful hand tied extensions will give you longevity and the most luxurious hair you’ve ever had. These extensions are a game changer! 
  • And lastly I feel like it’s my duty to warn you that not only will you feel like a goddess, you will look like one too!
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